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The importance of the prototype to the development of industrial product

The importance of the prototype to the development of industrial product


In the early days, the traditional handboard manufacturing technology of the handplate model manufacturer was mainly manual processing model, which was restricted to a certain extent for the industrial development, and could not meet the needs of the current technological development. CNC processing did not get a good development before 1996, still stay in the traditional methods and crafts, after 1996, some coastal cities due to geographical advantages and the support of national policies at that time. Introduction of a lot of Western technology, industrial design, mechanical processing, mold manufacturing and so on have a qualitative leap into the steady development of CNC technology.

The competition of enterprises mainly focuses on the product style, new product development cycle and product scale. As the key tooling of new product, the design and cycle of mould is becoming the decisive factor of the new product development cycle. Mold cost in part of the product development even accounted for 30-40, a common home appliance mold is less than hundreds of thousands of, more than ten million, if the product is not popular. That will cause huge economic losses to manufacturers, so many manufacturers will first use the method of hand board before the development of the mold, make a sample or a batch of products, first, it can detect some functional problems. One is to look at the market response to increase Due to the lack of market demand. The loss of the product development process of enterprise product design: a sample making one to participate in the exhibition a harvest orders a mold a batch of products, hand can be used for design verification, product evaluation, production process analysis, manufacturing tool manufacturing, so the board is a part of not less in the new in the product development.


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