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The Most Material Common Used Of Rapid Prototype Production

The Most Material Common Used Of Rapid Prototype Production


With the development of industrial society and the continuous improvement of living standards, people's demand for living products and the desire for innovation is growing. More and more company speclized in inovation new product ,Make rapid prototype become a more connection between design and reality product.

Rapid prototype manufacturer make prototype can work different material ,those are often used in prototype as below :

1. ABS: Pan for general product shell, with good lamination strength, can be applied to surface plating projects, such as water plating, vacuum evaporation plating, the material specifications of the plate, round bar and so on.

ABS prototype

2. PMMA :that is acrylic prototype or plexiglass material. It is a best transparency of the material, can be applied to dyeing, electroplating, spray paint, screen printing and other methods. Solubility strength is acceptable, because it’s easy broken so that not suitable for card hook and other institutions vulnerable to use.

PMMA prototype

3. PP: translucent color, good impact resistance, excellent flexibility, can be applied to the impact of strict production requirements, such as: automotive supplies, folding boxes and so on.

4. PC: strength, toughness, transparency are good material, suitable for Lens, fine structure of the production of parts. The addition of glass fiber to improve the steel and heat resistance of the plate, can be used in the production of high temperature environment still need to maintain high rigidity of the parts.

5. Aluminum-magnesium alloy : light weight, good strength, is the consumption of 3C like to use material. The disadvantage is that magnesium is flammable metal, mechanical processing is very important when the environmental control, the model produced a higher risk, the production of die-casting after a lot of mechanical processing, is a high cost of application materials.

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