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Why Do You Know Make Rapid Prototype Is An Important Work Before Mass Prodiction

Why Do You Know Make Rapid Prototype Is An Important Work Before Mass Prodiction


Rapid prototype is a most important stage before make mass production of mold ,the first sample of the product known as rapid prototype, early industrial samples are handmade, so called mockup, because it is the first product , Also known as the first one sample

    The role of rapid prototyp :

    1, Test design:

    Make the rapid prototype according to the 3D files ,it can be make the desingn turn into reality and check the appreance of design 

    2,Inspection structure design:

    Because the rapid prototype can be assembled, so it can be intuitive to reflect the structure of the reasonable or not, the ease of installation. Easy to find problems  solve.

    3,To avoid the risk of direct open mold:

    As the cost of mold manufacturing are generally high, relatively large value of hundreds of thousands or even millions of mold, if the process of opening the mold found unreasonable or other problems, the loss can be imagined. And make rapid prototype before mass production can avoid such losses, reduce the risk of mold.

    4, Make the design turn into reality product advanced 

    Due to the advance of production production, you can use the prototype for product promotion before the mold is developed, and even the pre-sale, production and other preparatory work, early occupation of the market design process.

If you are a smart boss or designer will be in the early development of the cost of the software into research and development and physical molding, although the prototype is to spend some costs, but in the market to seize the initiative in the production of follow-up production can effectively control costs

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