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The Importance of Painting Prototype Model

The Importance of Painting Prototype Model


In our lives, you can see a lot of prototype models has effect of painting, this painting not only make the product beautiful, but also it can  protect better the product, usually CNC processing out of the prototype. After painting, the effect Can be comparable with the product prototype, There is enough to see the importance of painting.

Prototype need to be polished before grinding. Grinding time to take into account, the smooth degree of prototype. Clearance angle is in place, the traces of bonding can not be obvious exposure. It is  polished to be colored before the need to deal with the ash. The color generally need pantone number. It is usually said Pantone number, which is common in the world. It  has a color on the provisions of  Qualitative standards. The general, if it is a professional prototype, the change need to have a Pantone color card table. So, that customers have the relevant fuel demand. It should be  provided with corresponding Pantone color and number on it.


However, some prototype  color is very difficult. Such as POM (commonly known as steel), PP material, it is not ok .After the stain is not very tight, It should be rub on the outside. So basically just on the material or the  PP material prototype ,not  the color, but through the CNC processing out.The  only  need is natural polishing  on it.

In the case of the appearance of prototype, the appearance of the product requirements are relatively high. But because the processing time using the material will have only one color. If you need colorful results, it must be used to achieve late injection.

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