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Transparent prototype - high transparency -Tuowei model 


When doing the transparent model generally mainly with PMMA and PC this two kinds of materials, commonly known as organic glass or acrylic PMMA material, in a clear hand it on the production of high transparency, good heat resistance, cold resistance and corrosion resistance, light transmittance it is suitable for demanding products such as light equipment and instrument panel of automobile industry, and the glass in the daily consumables etc.

However, PMMA material also has shortcomings, its hardness is lower, easy to rub, generally do not recommended doing high strength parts and buckle products, and PC transparent prototype material, although its transparency is not as high as PMMA, but its impact strength is higher, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance are better than PMMA. For example, the car wheel hub hand plate needs to bear a lot of pressure and can be made of PC material. Therefore, during the transparent prototype manufacturing process, we need to choose the appropriate materials according to the requirements of customers.

Tuowei-Transparent Prototype - High Transparency -tuowei Model 

If you need to make transparent hand board, you may consider the manufacturer with 17 years of experience, such as Tuowei prototype, which can meet the needs of customers in all aspects. All kinds of processing materials, using five-axis machining, can be more accurate than peers. If you have the demand of hand plate production, please contact the online customer service on the right side of the page, or call 13728885171, the relevant person in charge will give you the quotation within one hour.

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