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United States : 3D Systems Ups Prosumer Standards with New Sub $5,000 CubePro 3D Printer.

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
The 3D system released the new CubePro 3D printer today, the only three released at the same timecolor, multi-
Material, large capacity, prosumer printer available today.
CubePro features a controlled environment print room that ensures high
Faithful performance and provide consistent and easy print with professional quality.
Prosumersand enthusiasts can rely on CubePro to test and refine their designs and print them in real thermoplastic materials to gain durability on their desktop or desktop computers
Cubeprobe will be on display at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 7-
2014, 31424 LVCC South Hall 3 at 3ds booth.
Rajeev Kulkharni, vice president and general manager, said that we are proud to be the first to provide professional quality printing to consumers and consumers, enabling educators, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts to bring their 3DS consumer goods.
CubePro is the ultimate desktop 3D printer for labs, workshops and offices, compressing development cycles and increasing productivity.
Features of CubePro: smart work, hard play, high printing efficiency: faster and faster with the largest printing speedin-
Advanced Printing Platform
Print in resolution and set up quickly. With prints 2.
5 times larger than any other desktop printer (10. 8 x 10. 45 x 9.
5 or 275mm x 265mm x 240mm)Super high
75-resolution settings
Micro-thin printing layer, professional quality printing has never been so big and not so easy.
Complete technical specifications are available here.
Controlled printing room: controlled process environment ensures every CAD print and professional quality is provided.
Automatic settings provide secure home printing on your mancave, workbench, and desktop.
Strong, fast and long term
Long lasting: faster and accurate printing is guaranteed through a simple feeding box, extending the life of the material.
Tri-color dual material = thousands of options: CubePro has three print head configurations where users can become more expressive with up to 3 3D prints of simultaneous color and color options.
Better connection for a better experience: via aneasy-to-
Use the color touch screen display and mobile and WiFi features.
Powered by the Cubify mobile app, CubePro allows users to print directly from the shelves, prepare files and send them to print on iOS, Android, or Windows phone.
Sustainability sends empty cartridges back to the designated 3 dslocation for reuse in exchange for a discount on the new cartridges and returns the old ABS and PLA prints for use in 3DS for recycling or combination.
CubePros shipped from a local distribution center, reducing shipping costs.
Compared to other 3D printers, the new CubePro is equipped with a proprietary print pad to save power.
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