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us firm claims first 3d-printed metal gun

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
An engineering company in California said they had produced the first metal gun made with a 3D printer and released a video showing the gun scoring repeatedly in a successful test.
But the solid concept, claiming to be the world leader in 3D printing services, says it\'s not cheap to make a classic 1911 shotgun, and it needs more than just a reinforcement-
Desktop printer.
More than 30 3D guns included-
Printed parts including stainless steel and other metal parts.
\"This has nothing to do with desktop printers. . .
The industrial printer we use is more expensive than my college tuition.
I went to a private university . \"
President, Kent Firestone solid concept.
Making weapons using 3D printing technology is not new.
But what is made of metal.
This year allows users to make a single computer file.
Shooting Liberator guns have been downloaded more than 100,000 times from Defense Distributed, an open
Dedicated to the source website of 3D printing gun components.
The State Department, which oversees U. S. arms exports, ordered the blueprint to be removed from the Internet.
But by then, users have forwarded them extensively on filessharing sites.
Solid Concepts says its system is legal in the United States, claiming they are the only provider of 3D printing services with a federal gun license.
\"Now, if a qualified customer needs a unique gun part within five days, we can deliver it,\" the company said . \".
\"We have the right materials and the right engineers who know how to best plan and maintain these machines to make 3D printing accurate and powerful and stay here.
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