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warmachine gaming table for penny arcade

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
Our background is: we are three people in Boston who are interested in a variety of games, and in this case we are people based on micro war games.
We are fascinated by technology and one of the questions in our mind is \"how do we innovate war game terrain and desktop design for a more immersive interactive gaming experience?
\"Our answer to this is what we call \'enhanced Earth \'.
Meet Penny Arcade at pax east: on March 2011, we built a dock table for the war machine called \"Clockwork mirror\" for PAX East, includes smoke effects, rgb led lighting in buildings and terrain, using RFID cards and scanners to trigger all of these effects in central buildings using Arduino micro-controllers.
We have more than 15 years of experience in model making in our team, so it is also well suited to the aesthetically pleasing steampunk Port theme.
When Penny Arcade Mike saw the show, he asked how to debug a project for his game team.
After some discussion, it is planned to build a table to ship it to Seattle on August, and then fly to PAX Prime with the terrain to complete the delivery.
This is the story of how we build (and delivered)it.
Project requirements: Modular board: 2\'x2\' square that can be reoriented and rearranged for the modular terrain height of many combinations: they want a way to change the terrain height.
We came up with a method that we haven\'t tried before in war games. Corvis-
Subject: Mike\'s game team is playing through a private news RPG in a city called Corvis.
They like the theme and use it as a compass in the direction of art.
Covis, once an agricultural city at the intersection of three rivers.
It is known for being a large university and has always been the center of many conflicts when different armies occupy territory.
Over time, the city has fallen into severe disrepair and depression, especially as the wet, unstable ground makes many buildings unstable and slowly sinks into the ground.
There is a huge underground tunnel and a network of rooms in the old town.
Lighting: We know that we want to include the led in the terrain and building in a modular way so that each function can run independently of the table configuration of the scene.
Subject: even if the dungeon is not a playable part of the board, it needs to have a feeling that we want to create a sense of depth.
Although the playable surface can be flat, we want to add a 3D effect.
We found images that represent the look and feel of Corvis.
These have guided many of our decisions.
Concept generation: we start with sketches and brainstorming.
We made scale index cards with terrain to see how they work when shuffling and rearranging.
After we came up with the idea of terrain insertion, we made Solidworks CAD components.
Don\'t forget that your local game store is still one of the best places to show and discuss ideas.
Carry a small notepad with you in case you have inspiration and don\'t feel stupid considering \"wrong ideas\" because you never know when the thought process will lead to \"right ideas\"
Additional link: Mike was very happy with the results of this table and he posted a feature on the Penny Arcade home page.
Feel free to also check out our facebook page for information about what other members of the warmachine community think to view our threads on Privateer. Press base design is floor-centered.
These are cardboard coated with some wooden patterns, relatively cheap, very hard and not distorted.
They are also very light, easy to cut with a round saw, very thin. MDF (
Medium density cardboard)
It is a common material used by people, but it is not cheap, the weight is extremely heavy, the dust generated by the cutting is sucked into the cancer, the porous nature of the material means that if it is wet, it cultivates mold.
Simply put, the floor is a good balance for all these requirements.
Tools used: electric drill (preferably 2)
To shape the foam, the round sawmill power SanderBox cutter, the hot wire cutter and the power sander.
When you do this, put on a mask and be outside.
The cobblestone bas wood tiles, rough terrain features, and gray plastic debris were built from a chemical plant kit built by Pegasus Hobbies.
The weight of gold is worth it, and there are a lot of useful parts for various modeling projects.
A rapid prototype was designed in Solidworks CAD and manufactured on a stereo forming machine.
Whatever you\'re casting, stick them to a flat surface so they don\'t move around when you pour the silicone.
Follow the instructions and do so in a wellVentilation area.
You can also use Lego blocks to build a room instead of using cartons as we do here.
The sand in the center of the garden is good.
You can reuse the extra.
Just make sure it\'s as dry as possible before you apply it, it\'s an amazing material, but it has a fatal weakness.
It melts from the acetone found in crazy glue, painting and many other solvents.
Don\'t use spray paint until you want to melt the foam, we used latex-
Outdoor household goods (
Primer and paint in the same mixture)
Paint guns from Home Depot and Wagner.
It\'s annoying to be clean, but pay for yourself with a clean or even a coat (
Applying the primer can be a huge pain in the neck)
, Its paint is very fast and can be used on any terrain you build from Home Depot for dry cleaning: 10 colors for 7 oz sample feeder: $25, we have enough leftovers to eat.
Each color feature has two colors on the base color: the base color (
More widely used in getting started)
This base color is then mixed with tan/creme/light gray and used as a dry brush.
It took less than an hour for all the paintings in the 4 quarter and it was already playable.
Important: when it comes to dry cleaning, there is not too little paint on the brush.
It\'s better to paint too little and slowly add more to the brush as you get used to the feeling.
If you have too much paint, you have to re-apply the base color and start over.
Add a few small piles of grass and paintings of the details of bottles and small features.
The addition of metal grille white plastic battery stand for sewer cover and rain discharge has been established for rapid prototype melting deposition modeling.
This is extruded ABS plastic and cheap material.
We used 7 lighting components.
2 x super bright blue led is used for each lighting assembly and 100 kOhm resistance is welded on the anode (
Long end of LED)
Since the forging is mainly made of pink foam, primer is made using Wagner paint gun instead of painting.
The design sketch before the building is very important.
Courtyard statues are surprisingly fast and easy to build.
The key is to find the right place for the parts supplier.
Material: topGarden SandBlack Spray PrimerBy is complete with 4 \"tall wedding cake standard wave chart effect with the same gray tone as the pillar dry brush characters.
A good way to enhance the look is to apply a contrast color on the base to emphasize that the stone area is pink foam leftovers and stick together using Elmer and liquid nails.
The stone brick is carved in the same way as the hillside.
The extra function is to stick the watch outside and apply the same color as the stone to fit in (
Look at the statue tutorial).
All the things that are bonded using Elmers wood glue soldering iron are used to carve curves on front and side relief.
The terrain of the water tower is the main feature and can be used as a dice for large cardboard poster tubes.
Pass through its holes and acrylic rods glued to the proper position.
The repair of the hole is done with the plastruct diamond plate.
Gantryway was built on a chemical plant kit, followed by a metal mesh at the top.
The base Balsawood and basswood frame and a cardboard slot can spit out the dice when the small obstacles rolled down are built on the tray.
The tray is an ice bar trimmed in size and glued to the square bar of balsa wood.
The items have a great selection to customize to the board and fight on them.
There are two layers of pink foam glued together on the Hill, and the top floor is carved/carved.
The smaller internals are easily installed in the insert cavity.
All the Hills have stairs and grill.
The flat insert with LED module has 7.
5 \"square pink foam, suitable for 8\" square cut.
Clearance is required to consider the variability of cutting size and straight.
The black cardboard sticks out to hide the gap between the pieces, and then the top can be textured like on the table. The effect of water is achieved with 2 parts of transparent casting resin.
To achieve different color effects, we mixed the ink with some diluted paint into different batches.
Be sure to thoroughly test the effect of something else before trying it on a table project, and once it appears, the only way to cover it up is to paint it completely.
For this kind of project, we want to add personality and a sense of humor to the terrain and goals, so we hide as many penny arcade Easter eggs as we can.
There are several places for posters and comics, they are Plastruct ardeals from the expanding foam (
Single use time of Btw)
Very cheap and looks great.
It will take a bit of time to set up though, so make sure you can clip them while the trees are set up.
Prime with a spray pot (
It won\'t melt this inflated bubble)
The bottom of the tree is then lined up with static grass.
The whole crate was built with 1/2 \"plywood reinforced with 1\" x3 \"beam and built with steel brackets in the corner.
Liquid Nails between all pieces of wood and all edges inside and outside.
1 \"x2\" stick was positioned as aligned dormitory when they slipped in.
The aluminum corner is fixed in front like a shelf to support the upper layer of the quarter. We use the planing machine and Sander to align and fit the door tightly.
When it sits in the PAX chamber, the steel hinges and locks can protect it from safety.
Yes, it was painted in the alley behind my apartment building.
There is no excuse and must be prepared for the shipping deadline.
The crate is finished with several custom templates and a can of white paint.
Gallery of complete pictures. ENJOY!
Finally, a photo with Penny Arcade Mike and his game team.
Mike was very happy with the results of this table and he posted a feature on the penny Arcade homepage.
For information that other members of the warmachine community think, please check our thread on Privateer Press. By the way! ! !
We are entering the \"4 th Epilog challenge\" to win laser cutting. Can you imagine how much cooler things we can make with one of them?
Architecture, origami, spaceship? ! ? ! . . .
Origami architecture inside the spaceship?
The sky is the limit, please vote for our project so we can continue to do a lot of terrain. THANKS! ! !
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