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Watch: 17-year-old student builds low-cost 3D-printed prosthetic hand

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
The newly developed dummies can catch the ball, write or even catch the ball.
The researchers have already printed a low in 3D.
Cost-effective plastic hand that can be used to catch the ball, write or even catch the ball, a progress that can lead to customization
Made artificial limbs. The USD 15 (
About Rs 1,000)
The fake hand is designed for people who still have the ability to move their wrists.
By moving their wrists, they can control and use the fingers of their hands to grab and hold various objects.
Ryan Bouricius, 17year-
An old student who helped manage the 3D printing lab at Ithaca College, USA, after seeing a video of someone printing and assembling prosthetic hands at low cost, was interested in building artificial limbs.
He used the existing design on the Internet to print out the work and assemble a hand in one day.
Bouricius has been studying the prosthesis and finding ways to improve it.
\"I like to use it in the apartment to see what problems are facing, because I can only imagine what it would be like to actually need a fake hand,\" Bouricius said . \".
Bouricius modified the original design, giving more features to the hand.
For example, he changed the direction of his thumb, which was originally perpendicular to his finger, so that he could grab various items more effectively.
He also strives to optimize the grip of various items, such as a marker or coffee cup.
The physics professor in charge of the 3D printing lab said that 3D-
Compared to the electronic prosthesis, the printed hand has many advantages.
\"Some people are working on electronic hands, but they are very expensive and are not easy to repair and many people are unable to sell,\" Rogers said . \".
Unlike electronic hands that are usually made of metal, complex components are not expensive for his plastic model, Bouricius said.
\"The benefit of 3D printing is that the price is only related to the amount of plastic used, not to the complexity of the parts,\" Bouricius said . \".
\"So, even though my modified piece is more complex in shape because it has the same amount of plastic, the money is the same,\" he said . \".
This is especially important for families with children who need artificial limbs.
As children grow very fast, the cost of the prosthesis may be considerable over time.
However, with 3D printing, bourici\'s model can be reprinted in a larger size as the child grows.
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