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What are the benefits of prototype production

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-07- 20 16: 54

In the whole process of product development and design scheme, prototype sample production must be carried out after the 3D drawings of new products are designed. That is to say, before the product is mass produced, a model is made according to the 3D drawings of the product to carry out the inspection of the structure and appearance of the product.

prototype production has great assistance in the production and manufacture of new products, for example, before the product is opened, it can be very good to test the rationality of the product structure. Otherwise, if the mold is opened immediately, it will encounter a series of problems, which may lead to waste of labor, time and cost. If the situation is urgent, it may also lead to backward delivery time, and these losses are much higher than the loss of prototype proofing. Therefore, proofing can prevent this problem very well before developing new products. The other point is that the model can be very good to test the appearance. The 3D drawings look undoubtedly, and there must be no such stereo in the hands. According to the model, you can visually see the appearance of the product.

some companies will simply make prototype samples before the product goes public. take the sample to sign up for the exhibition, good samples can also attract some customers to order. Naturally, the advantages of the model are far from enough. Therefore, the original model in the process of new product development is a very good choice to detect the rationality of the product.

Collectively, the effect of vertical milling machine on industrial society has been to eliminate cnc machining prototype service and drastically reduce the time long associated with 3d model printing service.
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