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What are the classification of model models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2014-08- 22 09: 07

1. The physical model:

is also called the physical model, which can be divided into physical model and analogy model. 1 Physical model: according to the similarity theory, the proportion of the original system is reduced (It can also be enlarged or the same size as the original system) Such as aircraft model in wind tunnel experiment, hydraulic system experimental model, building model, ship model, etc. 2 Analogy model: in different fields of physics ( Mechanical, electrical, thermal, fluid mechanics, etc) The respective variables in the system sometimes obey the same law. According to this common law, a model with completely different physical meanings and analogy can be created. For example, under certain conditions, the pressure response of the pneumatic system composed of throttle valve and gas capacity is similar to the output voltage characteristic of a circuit composed of resistance and capacitance, therefore, the pneumatic system can be simulated with circuits that are easier to experiment.

2. Mathematical model:

class of models described in mathematical language. Mathematical models can be one or a set of algebraic equations, differential equations, difference equations, integral equations, or statistical equations, or some proper combination of them, by these equations, the interaction or causal relationship between the variables of the system is quantitatively or qualitatively described. In addition to mathematical models described by equations, there are models described by other mathematical tools such as algebra, geometry, topology, mathematical logic, etc. It should be pointed out that the mathematical model describes the behavior and features of the system rather than the actual structure of the system.

3. Structural Model:

a model that mainly reflects the structural features of the system and the causal relationship. An important model in a structural model is a graph model. In addition, the compartment model commonly used in biological system analysis (See compartment model identification)Also belong to the structural model. Structural model is an effective means to study complex systems.

4. Simulation Model:

Model expressed by a program running on a digital computer, analog computer, or hybrid computer. With the appropriate simulation language or program, the physical model, mathematical model and structural model can generally be turned into a simulation model. Regarding the impact of different control strategies or design variables on the system, or the possible impact of the system after certain disturbances, it is best to experiment on the system itself, but this is not always feasible. There are many reasons, for example, the cost of the experiment may be expensive; The system may be unstable, and the experiment may destroy the balance of the system and cause danger; The time constant of the system is very large, and the experiment takes a long time; The system to be designed does not exist.

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