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What are the commonly used materials for plastic prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
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The advantages of the CNC prototype are reflected in the fact that it can reflect the information expressed in the drawings very accurately, moreover, the surface quality of the CNC prototype is high, especially after its surface spraying and silk screen printing, even more glorious than the products produced after opening the mold. Therefore, CNC prototype manufacturing has become the mainstream of prototype manufacturing. In all cnc prototypes, plastic prototypes account for almost most of the entire prototype industry. Although many users know the plastic prototype, they want him to tell what materials the plastic prototype has, often the answer is not comprehensive. Let's introduce it in detail now. It mainly includes the following materials:

Name features
ABS ordinary ABS fire-proof ABS toughness, high strength has black white beige
PC Black White transparent, high temperature resistance, high toughness, anti-fall, anti-stress transparency, flame retardant
POM black, white, red, yellow, anti-static, conductive, flame retardant, large hardness, high strength is brittle
MMA black transparent anti-static hardness is very large fragile and fragile, strong transparency
PP high corrosion resistance of black white translucent soft glue toughness
PA (Nylon) black white beige hardness large shock absorption anti-wear anti-static anti-aging toughness strong high temperature resistance
PA + 30% GF Black enhanced flame retardant wear resistance anti-static brittle anti-aging anti-wear

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