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What are the disadvantages of die casting prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2017-10- 13 17: 15

die casting is used when making a prototype. Die casting is a metal casting process, it is characterized by the use of the mold cavity to apply high pressure to the melted metal, similar to the injection molding of plastic. Die Casting is especially suitable for manufacturing large number of small and medium-sized castings, so die casting is a kind of widely used in various casting processes. Compared with other casting techniques, the die-casting surface is more flat and has a higher dimensional consistency. However, there are also many shortcomings in the die-casting prototype model.

1. The disadvantage of die casting is that the cost is very high, and the casting equipment and related components of molds and molds are very expensive compared with other casting methods, therefore, it is more economical to produce a large number of products when manufacturing die castings.

2, air holes are easy to produce in die casting. Since the metal melt fills the mold cavity at a very high speed during die casting, and the mold material does not have air permeability, the die casting produced by the general die casting method is prone to create air holes.

3, surface defects, for example, cold insulation, bubbles, flow marks, poor molding, depression, peeling, strain, crack, collapse, deformation, surface turtle crack, surface burn, color difference, etc.

4. There are fewer materials for die-casting processing, which are limited to aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, etc. Plastic materials and silicone materials cannot be processed.

The above is the disadvantage of the die casting prototype, I hope to help you.

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