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What are the features of the prototype model in production?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2017-08- 31 16: 05

The prototype model is a model made according to the design drawings first, mainly used for inspection, and is not a product that is really to be designed, just a sample, based on this, to find out the defects and problems. At the beginning of the design, find out the unreasonable problems according to the prototype model and correct them.

The prototype model is actually when the mold is not opened, according to the appearance of the product or its structure, a mold first made. Its biggest feature is to check the appearance and structure of the product to understand whether the design of the product is reasonable. The prototype is now often referred to as the first board, and the main features in the production and use process are the following.

1, because it takes a lot of manpower to complete the processing of a product, therefore, the prototype is generally not a finished product, even if it is finished, the total price and the time consumed will be much more.

2. The prototype is not a quantitative production process at the time of production, if you are not surprised, you can only produce about 1 to 100. If you want to produce, you usually have to re-open the mold. The role of the prototype is to check the performance of the product's appearance, so the requirements in terms of quantity are not too high.

3. When you want to distinguish whether an item is a prototype, you mainly need to look at its raw materials. A large part of the raw materials of the prototype are made of high-quality PU non-foaming resin. When these raw materials are used for production, the feel of the prototype will be more comfortable, after the product is finished, there will be no bubble problem. The color of the prototype will not be very dark, and the brightness will not be too high. It is a relatively smooth mold, and there will be no bad taste in the polishing process.

4. The prototype has strong expressive force. If there is a little wrinkle or the amount is a pattern on it, it looks very real.

using a prototype model during the product production process can give a good performance to the last produced product, if the problem is found on the prototype, it can be improved in actual production to improve the performance of the product.

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