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What are the processes of prototype model processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2017-09- 09 16: 39

What are the processes of prototype model processing, this is the problem that everyone who wants to do the prototype model wants to understand, only to understand these, in order to better understand the progress of prototype processing and control the delivery date. Just because there are many prototype processing methods, including CNC machining, vacuum re-molding, 3d printing, etc. Here is an example of CNC machining to introduce the processing process of the prototype model.

I. Programming: reading data from the received 3d drawings, write the programming language of the control CNC machining center;

second, CNC machining: Enter the programming language into the computer control processing center and execute the program Command;

3. Manual Treatment: related treatment of the prototype surface, for example, to remove the edge of the hair, knife marks, etc. , generally used more is to use sandpaper to polish;

4. Surface treatment: complete various surface effects in the renderings, commonly used are painting, silk screen printing, electroplating, special laser carving, Anode Oxidation, wire drawing, etc;

V. Assembly: after the processing is completed, the main problem is Assembly problem and data detection. Of course, it should be assembled first before surface treatment;

6. Detection, when the prototype is ready, the detection equipment needs to be adopted (Such as the second dimension and the third dimension) To detect whether the accuracy of the prototype meets the requirements of the customer, if not, it needs to be reworked again.

The above is the prototype model processing process summarized by the extension model for you, hope to help you.

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