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what is SLA technology

what is SLA technology


This technology uses a laser to scan and solidify a photosensitive liquid polymer. Your resulting SLA part is produced in a matter of hours without machining or tooling. These parts can be used for detailed engineering prototypes, concept models, or tooling masters. The SLA's can also be finished, painted, and textured to resemble production parts.

Tuowei offers Accura SL 7870 Stereolithography resin, a material that produces parts that look more like true, clear engineering plastic. You will find this material highly beneficial when trying to produce practically crystal-clear parts for use in automotive, medical and countless other consumer driven industries. 

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Our SLA 5000 Machine has a 20" x 20" x 23" Build Capability.

• The material can accomodate multiple finishes via painting, polishing or plating.

• The material is clear, nearly colorless.

• The material is water resistant.

• The material is great for durable concept models.

• The material can be machined, tapped, drilled or used for rubber molding.

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