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What is the cost of prototype chassis

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2019-01- 22 08: 07

In the process of developing a new product, most enterprises need to make a prototype according to the product drawings to see the effect, in order to detect whether the design of the product is insufficient, it needs to be improved. In last November, a customer, Miss Chen, contacted the extension model by looking for a prototype supplier on the Internet, there is a prototype case that needs to be processed.

So what is the cost of making a prototype casing in general? Many customers will ask questions about price. In the prototype industry, this requires 3D drawings and production requirements for products, materials, quantity, processing methods and surface treatment processes, etc, it should also be clear if there are special requirements, which will affect the cost of the prototype.

The cost of evaluating the prototype casing must be provided with 3D drawings, it is difficult to evaluate the price without 3D drawings, and there is no drawings that can't be prototype. If you have the physical objects of the product, you can draw 3D drawings by copying.

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