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What is the production process of sheet metal prototype?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2017-11- 17 11: 22

Usually the model manufacturer does not have a very comprehensive sheet metal processing equipment, and many large pieces are made by hardware manufacturers outside, but why send it to the prototype factory? Because after the model is made, it needs to cooperate with other parts, so it still needs to be checked and repaired by the model manufacturer. If it is only a separate hardware, and the money given, you can also directly make it directly to the hardware manufacturer. So what is the hardware sheet metal production process?

design file output & RAR; Analysis and quotation of drawing Review & rar r; Disassembly programming & rarr; CNC machining of punch head & rar r; Sheet metal bending & rarr; Manual repair & rarr; Surface Treatment & rar r; Assembly & Quality Inspection & rarr; Shipment

is actually similar to the plastic model production process, just sheet metal parts are not directly processed by CNC, but are made according to the shape of various shapes, and then processed step by step.

If the product is just a simple sheet metal bend, there is no need to make a punch for such review, bend directly with the bending machine.

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