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What kind of material does the prototype make mirror?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2015-08- 22 15: 53

In the prototype industry, a word is often heard, that is,'Mirror' The Mirror Effect is literally understood to require the prototype to be as transparent as a mirror. In the prototype material, only pc and acrylic are transparent. These two materials can be used to make mirrors. Which material should be chosen? Let's explain it in detail.

from the material itself, the transparency of the pc is already very high, but it is mixed with purple, and the transparency of acrylic is higher, it can be comparable to optical glass, and it is almost impossible to absorb full-band light of visible light, light transmittance> 91%, from this point of view, acrylic is more suitable for mirror prototype.

From the perspective of technology, the pc material is relatively hard, the pc prototype is more laborious when polishing, and the corner area is not good to Polish, the acrylic prototype is much easier to Polish. In addition, the pc prototype needs to be smoked with chemical agents to make the mirror surface ( The principle is chemical reaction, not too much explanation here)It is easy to produce cracks in the process of smoked; The process used in the acrylic prototype is polishing, which will not cause damage to the surface of the prototype.

acrylic prototype polishing

whether from the perspective of the material itself or the process to say, acrylic is more suitable for mirror prototype than pc, so if you need to do mirror effect in the future, you must choose the correct material.

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