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What materials do you choose for high temperature resistant prototypes?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2017-09- 01 16: 29

when making a plastic prototype, customers often encounter some special requirements, such as making a high temperature resistant prototype, if they don't know much about the properties of prototype materials, they often ask us what materials we choose. This situation is more obvious to the customers who want to prototype in the LED industry, here are some common high-temperature resistant materials for prototyping and their properties.

In the prototype of plastic parts, materials with good high temperature resistance belong to PPS materials, it has a molding temperature of 300-About 330 degrees. Its outstanding features are high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties, based on our 15 years of experience in prototyping and the prototypes we have done, the prototype of PPS materials can be made at a high temperature of 230 degrees without any deformation, so when customers have this demand, they may take the lead in considering PPS materials.

PTFE (except PPS material ( The English abbreviation is PTFE, commonly known'Plastic King') The high temperature resistance is also excellent. It can still maintain the prototype at a high temperature of 200 degrees, and it is also a very good material.

except for the above two, the high temperature resistance of the PC prototype can also be, theoretically speaking, it can withstand high temperature of 130 degrees, and the high temperature resistance of the ABS prototype is much better than that of the ABS prototype.

is so long as customer service since time, customers who want to make a high temperature resistant prototype often worry about the choice of materials. I believe that after reading this article, your problem can be solved, in the future, we can choose the appropriate high temperature resistant materials according to the actual requirements. As a customer service that has just turned positive on the line, my predecessors told me that customer service is a mirror of the enterprise. It is not itself, it is the enterprise. I remember, I will use a professional attitude, intimate service, cherish the fate of online encounters, and fear every penny you pay!

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