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What services can you enjoy when ordering orders from Shenzhen prototype manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-03- 19 16: 34

when your product design plan is completed, do not know if its structure and design are reasonable? When you need the product for pre-market inspection or promotion, there is no satisfactory sample to promote? Then you should try the prototype customization for the Shenzhen prototype customization manufacturer! As customers become more and more like'High Point' Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory is constantly introducing foreign imported equipment and hiring some talents who are very powerful in the prototype field. So what kind of quality service can you enjoy when placing an order in Shenzhen prototype factory?

The quality services provided by Shenzhen prototype customization manufacturer tuowei for customers are:

1. You can design drawings for you. If you only have physical objects, you can bring the products to our company for copying.

2. The manufacturer can tailor the prototype for you in all directions, and can customize the prototype for you through CNC processing, 3d printing and vacuum mold.

3. Meticulous service, take more than 3 months ago, the customer will come to the company on Sunday to assemble the prototype. At this time, most people are either sleeping late or dating, the business Miss Xie did not hesitate to sacrifice her rest time to help customers disassemble the prototype and install the circuit, and finally completed the functional test of the prototype. The customer highly recognized Miss Xie's service attitude and wrote to the company to express her gratitude.

If the prototype is made, the customer still pays more attention to the quality problem, if the quality of the prototype is not good, it may be embarrassing to participate in the exhibition? Customers don't need to worry, the extension model uses 3 dimensions for testing, and the probability of error is almost minimal. With the support of high-end technical backing, the full-range warranty service provided by the extension Shenzhen prototype customization manufacturer, peace of mind to customers.

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