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Which is good for aluminum alloy prototype proofing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-09- 05 19: 01

prototype proofing is generally based on the 3d drawings designed by the designer to make samples of the product, which is used to detect whether the structure of the product is reasonable. Among various types of prototypes, aluminum alloy prototypes are more proofing, because the prototype model made of aluminum alloy materials has high strength, good economic benefits, and beautiful appearance. In the process of developing products, it can perfectly reflect the features of products and make product development more simple, simple and scientific.

There are many manufacturers that can make aluminum alloy prototype proofing in Shenzhen, moreover, the strength of each prototype factory is also very different. Some prototype factories can only be said to be small workshops, with only one or two equipment. The Boss has many positions in programming, operating machines, polishing and selling, while some prototype factories have dozens of equipment and hundreds of employees, clear division of labor. Therefore, when you need aluminum alloy prototype proofing, you need to choose a large-scale prototype factory.

Shenzhen tuowei model is a large-scale prototype factory with 55 large-scale CNC equipment and more than 100 employees; In terms of testing equipment, we have advanced testing equipment such as a 3-dimensional alloy analysis tester, and the measurement results are very accurate. In addition, the extension model can also independently complete a series of complete processes such as polishing, fuel injection, silk screen printing, oxidation, laser carving, etc. , without external hair, to ensure customer intellectual property rights, the prototype is afraid that the new product has not been released, and it has already been known by competitors.

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extension dimension model is a prototype proofing with large scale, advanced equipment and strict secrecy manufacturers, if you need a prototype proofing of aluminum alloy, the extension model is an option you should not miss.

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