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Which is good for car dashboard prototype customization

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2017-09- 05 11: 47

cars should be known to the vast majority of people in today's society? Xiao Liu I believe that in addition to primitive people, people who live in our century should know the car! As shown in the figure, this prototype is made by our extension model. Yes, every mistake is a component on the car. Its name is the car dashboard! ! Don't look at this car part it's not big, but it has a lot of parts! piece of this kind of parts to be made is not tight. It depends on the size of the company. It is actually the service spirit of the company's employees.

as long as the customer places an order on our side, when the product arrives, we will take photos or send a small video to the customer so that the customer can immediately know the progress of the production of their products! Like this car instrument prototype because it of structure complex So compared other of prototype this prototype the flowers is time is also than other of prototype to long!

The process of making this prototype of the automobile instrument in our extension is:

1. Programming: write the 3D map provided by the customer into a CNC machining path through the programmer;

2. CNC machining: put the numbered path on the CNC machining machine, and then walk the knife on the original material, get the prototype of the sample;

3, burrs: generally, the prototype edge part processed by CNC has a lot of burrs and the surface is not smooth enough. We need our colleagues in the manual department to help polish it! ( Usually this process is one of the longer processes of all prototypes);

4, surface treatment: there are many kinds of surface treatment. The common ones are fuel injection, silk screen printing and UV coating. Of course, there are many other treatment processes. I will not introduce them here, I don't know if I can find ~ ~ in our company's prototype knowledge ~~~;

5, quality inspection, packaging and shipment.

Xiao Liu has already introduced the approximate prototype production process of automobile instruments. Of course, Xiao Liu's introduction is certainly not as good as that of OU Sheng, the technical director, although not professional, Xiao Liu is still willing to help you answer any questions ~~

high energy in front, this is not an advertisement ~~

The prototype model has been professionally produced for 15 years, the company has 55 large CNC machining machines with a processing stroke of 2000*1300*600. Generally, large pieces can be made without dismantling!

Tuowei customers are located in the north and south of Dajiang. There has always been only one belief in us: Doing things seriously and being steadfast. Regardless of the size of the order, regardless of the customer. As long as the customer needs, as long as the customer chooses to expand, we will do our best to overcome any difficulties! This is our commitment and what we have been doing! !

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