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Which machine Shenzhen prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-09- 05 11: 30

In most cases, many enterprises will choose a prototype factory with many machines when they need to make prototypes, mainly because the prototype factory with many machines has strong strength and fast delivery speed, so that it can get the prototype within the specified time, and will not delay the opportunity to participate.

Shenzhen is a developed area of the prototype industry, and the number of prototype factories is also relatively large. In one sentence, it is described as much as cattle, moreover, the strength between each prototype factory can't be improved. There are only two or three machines in the original factory, while some prototype factories have dozens of machines, among many prototype factories, which one is better to choose?

extension model is a large-scale prototype model production company in Shenzhen, it has 55 large CNC machining equipment, a 3d printer imported from Israel and a vacuum die machine. It is a large-scale prototype factory in the prototype industry.

If you need if you look for a prototype factory with many machines in Shenzhen, the extension model is an option you must not miss.

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