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Which prototype factory looks good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-04- 20 08:05

most enterprises will find a prototype factory after the design of new product drawings is completed. According to the drawn product drawings, first make a prototype to verify it, testing whether the design of the product is insufficient needs to be improved, which is a key link in the process of developing the product.

So which prototype factory looks good? In the process of communicating with the manufacturer in the early stage, the manufacturer can provide the prototype photos that have been done before to see the effect, understand how the quality of their prototypes is, and then consider the price and delivery issues, or visit the field to understand the situation in all aspects.

If you need to find a prototype factory, you might as well choose the extension model, with 17 years of prototype processing experience and personal guidance from the US technical director, using the five-axis machine and advanced processing equipment in Japan, the accuracy can reach positive and negative 0. 02mm, the quality is 38% higher than the peers!

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