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Why can't prototype be replaced in the development process?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2013-06- 06 08: 12

Why is it that the prototype cannot be replaced in the development process?

The current technology is so developed, mainly because of the results of current research and development. Innovation in science and technology lies in R & D. In fact, when each product is developed and completed, there is a program that cannot be reduced. This program is a prototype. Why do you want to make such a prototype? In fact, the reason is quite simple. We all know that the products that have just been developed are different from those that have already been sold. The difference between them is that, we can't be sure that the product we just developed can already be fully used, so it has to be tested. Of course, it doesn't mean that it must be tested on the spot.

This test program is to make a prototype. It can be said that the prototype is the most direct way to test the product. Of course, many people think it is OK to finish the prototype. To some extent, this is only the first step in the feasibility, but it does not mean that it is OK. In fact, the main task of the prototype is to find out the design, or some shortcomings in other aspects, especially the drawbacks of the design. Using a prototype such a program is the best, it is also the easiest to improve. Even in this process, we can also try to produce a certain product, and then see if there is any shortage. So the importance of it is obvious. This may not be found so easily in other ways.

Generally speaking, the design of a product is impossible to achieve perfection, so that a process must be tested to see what other defects are in it, the process of our inspection is not to say that it must be applied in practice. The procedures in this process are repeated, but in all programs. The first step we have to do is prototype.

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