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Why is 3D prototype important?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2019-06- 13 08:02

some people think that the production process of the prototype is relatively easy, but this is not the case. If many small details are not noticed, the quality produced will not meet everyone's needs. Therefore, we can also know what role the 3D prototype model plays in the customization process?

In fact, customization of 3D prototype models is still very important, because the prototype factory must have a certain reference or 3D drawing in the production of the prototype, otherwise it is impossible to produce a detailed prototype, if the prototype size is not good, it will also bring very poor results to the subsequent use. However, if you can customize the prototype, you can clearly know which prototype the customer needs, and find some small problems in the production process can be solved in time, it is not necessary to know the problems of the prototype after production, so that the impact on the production cost of the production process is still very large.

so you can understand the 3D prototype model from what you said above. customization is still very important, in the process of customizing the prototype, it is also necessary to know very clearly what the prototype is needed by the customer. After knowing its data, customization can also have a very good effect, the prototype that can be customized to make customers very satisfied will also have good market sales.

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