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why patents won\'t kill 3d-printing innovation (op-ed)

by:Tuowei     2019-08-15
The first in 3D printer technology for rapid prototyping is the ability to make parts and assemblies made of a variety of materials ---
Such as hard and soft resin-
In a separate build cycle, there is no need to glue different parts together.
Developed by Objet geometry in IsraelS.
Billerica in the office, quality. )
Multi-jet matrix technology was introduced at the K 2007 exhibition in Germany.
It saves many builds.
Material prototypes that prevent costly errors in designing complex mold recipes
Injection molding of materials.
This technique is achieved by spraying two different Objet fully cured polymer materials in a preset combination.
It controls each nozzle in each print head, enabling the combination of model materials to be sprayed from the specified nozzle based on location and model type.
Therefore, a model can be generated in the case that one material is partially or fully encapsulated by another material.
In addition, this technology allows the manufacture of new composites by spraying two polymers at the same time to produce an alloy whose mechanical properties are different from any of the \"parent\" materials.
First PolyJet Matrix
The connecx 500 model, which is based on a 3D printing system, is said to provide a smooth surface finish and details of all sizes.
It can print 600x900 dpi with a tolerance of 0.
3mm large model.
It is constructed in three modes to deposit layers of 16 or 30 micron thickness at a rate of 12 to 20 ram/hr.
Users can select materials, print speeds and resolutions and switch easily between different modes. (877)48--9449 * www. 2objet. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
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