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windows 10 s vs windows 10: what\'s the difference?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
There is a new window in town.
\"Windows 10\" is Microsoft\'s attempt to spin off Windows 10 and compete with Google\'s increasingly popular ChromeOS in budget, business and education. The result?
Windows 10 sounds like Windows 10, but they are actually two very different operating systems . . . . . .
Microsoft\'s big selling point has not yet revealed what Windows 10 S means, but \"speed\" will be a good choice.
Windows 10 will start in 15 seconds.
It is built on the same core as Windows 10, but is lighter and runs on smaller hardware configurations, which makes it very cheap to buy a computer (more later)
But it\'s also installed on the old hardware to bring it back to life.
If you are setting up multiple computers, you can also install Windows 10 S via USB with the pre-configuration option.
This is a big time saver.
Microsoft also promised that Windows 10 will provide better battery life than Windows 10.
In fact, Microsoft claims that its first Windows 10 computer, surface laptop, will last 14.
Charging for 5 hours at a time, the machine was packed for 13 hours. 5-
1080 p inch touch screen display.
The key factor is whether this will be superimposed in the real world.
Many Windows 10 laptops to 10-
Battery life is 20 hours and cannot be turned off.
MacOS, especially ChromeOS, offers a very long-lasting real battery life, and Windows 10 will need to prove that it is doing better than its big brother.
Compatibility: it can run Windows 10 if your computer can run Windows 10.
Microsoft also claims that since Windows 10 has access to the Windows 10 driver database, Windows 10 S will work with most third-party peripherals.
Again, this is all the drivers you can access (more later)
So if you need to install the driver manually on the current installer, then Windows 10 may have problems.
Interestingly, Microsoft has built Windows 10 S from the core of Windows 10 Pro instead of Windows 10 Home.
Microsoft has not yet provided a complete list of bundled Pro features in Windows 10 S, but you will get Azure Active Directory (AD)
Management of mobile devices (MDM)
, Commercial version of Windows Update and Windows Store, as well as BitLocker and enterprise roaming.
Excluding Hyper-
V and Windows subsystems for Linux.
Low cost is not surprising, Microsoft really wants users to try Windows 10 S, so as a temptation, the company upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for free to anyone who is not happy with it by the end of 2017
After that, the upgrade will cost a very reasonable $50.
In addition to this, all schools currently running Windows 10 Pro pc have free access to Windows 10 S, which includes Office 365 Education working with the Microsoft team.
Given the low hardware demand for Windows 10, it can start at $189, but you will encounter other costs . . . . . . Bad news at this stage sounds like Windows 10 S is too good to be true, but unfortunately it also contains some key limitations for a large number of users, these restrictions will break the deal . . . . . . Goodbye desktop program like Microsoft failed Windows windows 10 S will not run the software that has to be installed from the desktop.
Currently, this means there are no Chrome, Firefox, iTunes, numerous games, etc.
Instead, all Windows 10 S software comes from the Windows Store.
Microsoft correctly pointed out that this means that software is safer and a big deal for schools and businesses, but the Windows Store is a wasteland at the moment.
Will people like Google and Apple repackage their software to install on Windows 10 via the Windows Store?
This seems to be a big requirement.
Before that, you will use Microsoft Edge to browse the web, and even if Chrome or Firefox is indeed available, there is currently no way to switch Edge from the default browser.
Perhaps equally controversial, Microsoft also announced that within Windows 10 S, users will not be able to use any other search engine other than Bing (
Besides browsing Google. com).
Microsoft said it would offer regional variants without Bing, but not Google or any other major Bing search rivals.
While manufacturers can provide their software to Windows 10 S through the Windows Store, many programs also rely on the corresponding desktop software to improve their functionality.
Google Photos and Google Photos desktop uploader, for example, or everything from customizing and enhancing Adobe Photoshop to Windows Explorer to countless third-party apps.
Since these manufacturers must not only provide their software through the Windows Store, they must also want manufacturers of popular third-party plug-ins
Ons did the same.
Bottom line: Windows RT 2. 0 -
To better describe Windows 10 S, Windows 10 is restricted to the Windows Store.
Note that it is also important for Windows RT to fail, not because it is not good, but because it is advanced.
In five years, Microsoft will be very hopeful of the success of the cloud.
The era of ChromeOS-based Windows 10 has finally arrived.
But it\'s hard to sell.
ChromeOS has a unique vision: Chrome browser-
Based on a platform that supports Android applications.
This is a clean, simple alternative to Windows, which is very fast, durable, safe and cheap.
In contrast, Windows 10 is more confusing.
It\'s called \"Windows 10\" for beginners and sounds like \"Windows 10\" and it does more and less than Windows 10 Home.
For now, Windows 10 will have to provide excellent real performance and battery life on Windows 10, allowing users to choose it.
Even so, Microsoft needs to be popular in the Windows Store and try to compete with Google Play.
To take it right, Microsoft will gain a foothold in the future of the operating system and the tools to fight fast-growing competitors.
Wrong, the user will find their own adjective for \"s. . .
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