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Wisconsin university helps cat get new back legs

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
With the help of the University of Wisconsin, a tiger cat has a new hind leg
Madison students and 3D printers.
Community cat shelter
President Sarah Close said the Chicago Center for Animal Care and Control found the leg-infected stray dog in last September and handed it over to white water in Wisconsin --based shelter.
A vet cut off part of the male cat\'s hind legs and the shelter named it Sgt. Stubbs.
Community Cat officials then asked for help from a freshman engineering class.
Students make prosthetic limbs with 3D printers and extra straps to keep them in use.
Stubbs received the legs on Thursday night and tried them out.
Adam Schofield of Oak Creek, the new owner of Stubs, said he was impressed with the prosthesis and hoped that Stubbs would get used to them.
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