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woman gets new 3d-printed skull

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
Doctors in the Netherlands have replaced 22-year-
An old woman with a plastic skull made with a 3D printer.
Doctors at the University Medical Center in Utrecht had 23 hours of surgery.
The condition of the Dutch patient caused her skull to become thicker.
\"The disease initially manifested itself as a severe headache,\" neurosurgeon Bon Verweij said in a press release . \".
As the skull thickens, it increases the pressure on the brain.
In this case, it begins to affect women\'s motor skills and vision.
\"It\'s almost three months now.
The patient\'s vision is completely restored. it\'s a symptom-
\"Freedom, return to work, it\'s almost impossible to see her having surgery,\" Verweij said . \".
The use of 3D printing will help other patients who need to replace all or part of their skulls, the doctor said.
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