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would you drive a car made by a 3d printer?

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
At first glance, the unique look Strati-
Electric cars for local cars seem to be another concept, energyefficient car.
But two small.
The seat is fully functional and is made of 95% printed material.
\"This is Willie Wonka for vehicle innovation,\" said Jay Rogers, CEO and co-president
Founder of local car companyArizona-
Design, print and sell according to local car companyEV.
The car is not legal at the moment, but it costs about $18,000.
It can reach a speed of 50 miles per hour.
Electric cars are made with 3D printers in about 45 hours.
The designer uploads a layout where printercreate uses thousands of layers of liquid plastic.
A 3D printer can create almost anything, such as a chair and a table.
Cars look fragile, but carbon.
Reinforced Plastic is as strong as metal.
Local car companies say their cars will be the safest on the road because the company can use them in real crash tests and then rebuild something that doesn\'t work the next day.
Rogers said, \"Aha!
Moments of cooperation with foreign luxury cars.
He wants to make similar cars by using fewer tools and parts to maximize the use of modern technology.
\"There are 25 000 parts in these cars, let\'s drop it down to 50,\" he told Fox News . \". com.
That\'s what local cars do.
But this company is not limited to Strati-EV model.
Designers say they can basically print any type of car.
In the future, customers will be able to bring their old printed cars to new cars for shredding and recycling, local car companies said.
The company plans to build 50 new factories in the next five years and get cars on the road faster.
\"One of the key issues we like to talk about is that we are locals and that is correct in our name.
\"We are made locally,\" Rogers said . \".
\"It\'s so exciting when you think about bringing car innovation from the United States to all parts of the world.
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