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you can now 3d print your own gillette razor

by:Tuowei     2019-08-13
No doubt: shaving may be a more tedious bathroom beauty ceremony for men.
But Gillette, a personal care giant, wants to change that.
Global brand and 3D Shaver-
Printing giant Formlabs offers shoppers the opportunity to create their own custom razor handles.
The concept, called \"razor manufacturer: powered by Gillette\", takes the form of a platform where users can choose from 48 different designs
Printing technology.
First, shoppers select a handle before selecting one of the seven colors and add text to the final personal boom.
The service is being launched in the US, compatible with the brand\'s \"mach3\" or \"fusion5 proglide\" Shaver cartridges.
The completely personalized \"razor manufacturer\" product is the use of stereo printing at Gillette Boston headquarters (SLA)
Printing technology, it will take three weeks for the order to be delivered.
\"Gillette\'s business is to help men look, feel and become their best people, which means giving them access to beauty options that not only meet shaving needs, but also fit their lifestyle, \"Look and budget,\" Pankaj Bhalla, director of Gillette and Venus North America, said in a statement.
\"The razor manufacturer pilot further promises to give power to the consumer and have them tailor-made --
Let their razors go exactly the way they want ---
Tailored to their beauty preferences, budget, look, color and style.
\"Personalized products are an increasing trend in the beauty industry: last year, the skin care brand Kiehl introduced the concept of\" pharmacist preparation \"to provide a unique product concentrate for each customer, and the Louis Vuitton logo is
The first anniversary of its perfume launch, launched a luxury perfume box that can be personalizedstore.
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