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3D printing revolution smells of gunpowder and more

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

In his latest State of the Union address in February, Obama praised the prospects of 3D printing technology. 鈥淎 once-

The closed warehouse is now a state. of-

The new workers are mastering the art lab for 3D printing, which has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything, 'said the president of the United States, who promised to make sure the revolution first took place in the United States.

3D printers are devices that make real copies using digital models of objects, printing them layer by layer in minutes, hours, or sometimes days.

This technology is improving every year and can provide better materials and more detailed information in the products produced.

The technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper.

MakerBot, a major producer of 3D printers, at the forefront of the expected revolution, is selling its latest Replicator 2 desktop printer for a relatively easy-to-get $2,200, roughly equivalent to a desktop computer.

And too many orders.

'Demand is much bigger now than our supply.

'We are actually expanding rapidly to meet this demand,' Jenifer Howard, Corporate PR director, told RT . '.

Soon, a new device will be greatly promoted.

In, MakerBot announced a prototype of a 3D scanner that can put a real

Object and make it a printable file.

If this proves to be successful, it will become easier to enter 3D printing, and there are very few requirements for learning a computer.

Help design and get what you want.

large database of models is likely to explode.

But in these models you may find something more notorious than plates and cardholders. Thingiverse.

Com, a popular site for 3D blueprints, contains suspicious items, such as cigarette butts.

It does not contain printable weapons, but not because they do not exist.

Cody Wilson, 25year-

An old law student at the University of Texas Law School in Austin is the person whose name appears in tomind when a 3D print gun appears.

Over the years, the goals of these elves

Description password-

The anarchy and his followers will create a gun that can be printed and will be available to everyone online.

Just like a printer, Wilson's creation is getting better and better over time.

His latest achievement in the Defense Distribution Project is an AR-15 semi-

Automatic rifles with more than 600 bullets can be fired.

This part of the gun is basically what makes the gun a gun.

Everything else, including ammunition, is not subject to much regulation and is easily available in the United States.

Other items he wants to provide to everyone are high --

Capacity magazine The White House is trying to ban.

Small pursuit-

Controlling guns through new technology has failed to win support from traditional professionalsgun lobbyists.

The Nra has never officially commented on the efforts of the defense allocation, and butWilson himself has hardly expected to accept his anarchy position.

His organization also received a weapons production license a while ago.

The mainstream 3D printing community is not interested in such a project, but many people think the cat is no longer in the bag.

It is well known that information is difficult to remove from the Internet, like any-

Pirate organizations may witness

Wilson said his weapon files have been downloaded more than 400,000 times since he provided them on the website.

Once the 3D printer is like a normal asipad, the current gun control that exists may be out of date.

Wilson said his movement was about the right to freedom, far exceeding the Second Amendment.

He recently launched a web sitec called DefCAD, an alternative search for printable parts.

It has the ambition to become the Pirate Bay of 3D printing, with the same global influence and attitude towards regulations.

'DefCAD objects to all forms of artificial scarcity, intellectual property rights, copyrights, objects and regulation that can be granted patents.

If 3D printing is developed as a technology, we need specific tools to help get around colluding members of the industrial, government and manufacturer communities, wilson declaresin announced the video of the search site.

'There will be no action.

He said.

In an interview with Ars Technica, he confirmed that DefCAD would reject a request for revocation under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and was prepared to transfer its business from the United States jurisdiction.

He mentioned Slovakia, Russia and Singapore as possible destinations.

The radical changes he envisioned include simpleto-get home-

Medical devices, medicines, and 3D printers themselves.

If it does, the world will be different.

Insecurity and confusion, critics say.

Supporters say everyone has more freedom.

Of course, it is difficult for many people to adapt to this situation.

3D printing revolution smells of gunpowder and more

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