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British Powerbar's Bob Mr Hicks visit our company

British Powerbar's Bob Mr Hicks visit our company


On March 18th, British Powerbar's Bob Mr Hicks visit our company.Foreign customers are more pay attention to confidentiality, so this time Mr Hicks even brought his own computer, in order to prevent hand information was leaked. When he came to our company, our foreign trade sales director enthusiasm greeted him, and brought him to visit our company's various departments, he very recognition of our company. When he saw our counter samples there are hundreds of samples, confidence and increased a lot to us.

View of factory

Next, the director of sales to discuss with him about the details, including price, delivery and so on. Although is first met, "he said." but think of our company's strength and service attitude is very good, willing to put hand to us to do, he returned to England immediately after the design drawings.

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