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How to choose a good supplier for making prototype ?

How to choose a good supplier for making prototype ?


Customized sample  is different from the standard parts, although they may be the same material, the same style, but the custom model often in the surface by adding a special element or their own things, So, many people like to custom prototype . Here are a lot of prototype factory in Domestic , Especially in Shenzhen, it is estimated that there are thousands of model company so, how to choose the appropriate mockup manufacturers?

mockup manufacturer

Select the manufacturers ,there is an important link, that is, communicate with the manufacturers or designers , because customers often have their own surface treatment needs, if there is no place to communicate clearly, will cause rework, Will cause a great deal of time and cost of waste, or on the other hand is the material, cost, time, etc., which need to communicate with manufacturers, so that manufacturers know your needs,so that to finish the project on time.

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