Rapid Prototyping Services, Professional manufacturer of CNC Prototyping and 3D Prototyping in China. 

How to install rapid prototyping process ?
There are various ways provided by to help installation. Professional installation manual is provided by us, in which there are detailed instruction for customers to help install rapid prototyping themselves. You can ask our after-sales service for installation support. They would provide professional installation guidance or send a video for you to install it.

Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd.'s major manufacturing center is in China. cnc turning stainless steel parts prototype series are shown on this page. Our products are well packaged and protected during transportation. . When you think of you think of quality and that goes double for the abs prototype fly mouse. Furthermore, it is available at the most affordable prices for our precious patrons. Prototype is made by CNC Milling,and the involved surface finishing including polishing, painting, the logo sticking.

As customers have asked us to do more, we have provided services ranging from technical assistance and training to special product designs and assemblies. Get info!
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