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student drones in on ocean temperature

by:Tuowei     2019-09-04
While many Tasman University students will celebrate their graduation on Saturday, one of the students will fly high.
Zac Pullen, a marine engineering student at the Australian Maritime Academy, designed and built an octter-
Unmanned aircraft for sea surface temperature measurement
As part of this year\'s paper.
Drones (UAV)
Mainly made of carbon fiber and plastic, many parts are made with 3D printers.
It took the drone 7 months to make and each part was customized.
\"It started last year when I used some of them as a hobby because I actually really liked sports and liked to make videos with them, so I put it in the Oval and my instructor found me and he said \"it\'s cool, do you want to do some research with it next year? Do you want to actually solve the problem with it?
Said Mr Puren.
Eight rotating propellers, cameras that allow it to take hot images from the sky, and equipment to measure the temperature of the water surface.
Previously, the sea surface temperature was measured by satellite or aircraft, and the satellite measured hundreds of square kilometers at a time.
This allows researchers to obtain more accurate water body readings, which is very useful for tracking climate change and algae reproduction.
Prun said he hopes the technology will help improve the way the ocean temperature will be measured in the future.
\"Instead of paying someone to fly around in a plane, you can put it behind your car and take it to the river or the coast, or wherever you need to study, to take some pictures, then bring it back to the lab to get some data, says Mr Puren.
The graduation ceremony of the Tasmania State University will be held on Saturday at the Albert Hall and on Saturday morning in the city for town and dress parades.
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