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best desktop computer - apple imac review

by:Tuowei     2019-08-31
The apples on the surface are very beautiful.
More powerful below.
The brand new graphics, equipped with advanced graphics processors, is by far the fastest and most powerful iMac.
Now all the iMac models have Intel Core processors with a new architecture.
Based on Intel 32 nm process technology, these processors set a new benchmark for the performance of iMac.
Each iMac contains advanced dedicated graphics, which means that the graphics processor is separate from the CPU.
So whether you\'re an amateur filmmaker or an avid gamer, the iMac will provide you with faster, smoother and clearer graphics no matter the model you choose.
Maybe desktop does more and faster on a desktop computer!
Designed for more cores.
All Intel processors (i3, i5, i7)
To maximize the potential in the iMac, the Mac OS X Snow Leopard is designed to take advantage of the advanced multi-core processor architecture. Productivity.
The IMac also provides fast work, which is also due to the advanced Intel processor in the iMac series, which makes the iWork respond quickly.
Complex transitions can also be created in keynote presentations.
Add 3D graphics to a digital spreadsheet or design a wonderful document in the page. 27\" and 21.
5. since the first 15 years, the new iMac has made great progress. inch iMac. A 21.
5 \"or 27\" screen with glass covering almost the entire front of the box.
When all you see is the screen, there will be no interference between you and what is in front of you.
Movies, TV shows, websites, photos-
The new 16:9 widescreen iMac will make everything look great.
The Upright includes two discs: SSD and hard drive, and the space is very large.
The new iMac is mainly based on its 27-inchscreen.
2560x1440 pixel resolution sometimes makes you tired of trying to get to the other end of the desktop environment that works. But having 27-
Inches high resolution means a large workspace, so you can open multiple windows or toolbox at the same time (
If you are using an app like Photoshop).
There are also some interesting elements on the hardware side, especially in the storage area.
The dual quicksim model is different from the standard because it includes 56 gb ssd in addition to the traditional 1 tb hard drive.
The idea is to speed up operating systems and applications while storing space in normal discs.
Although the test shows that the SSD is very fast (
Xfinity gave it 32 points. 98 against 75.
05 for disk with 500 gigabytes)
The fact is that this was not noticed when starting a business.
Oddly enough, the iMac stays on the blank screen for a few seconds, and when Apple finally appears, it takes two more seconds to get into the workplace.
Faster or more cores?
The i5 processor of this iMac 2.
8 GHz has four real cores, so it is a particularly appropriate CPU for programs that can take advantage of multiple processors.
In other cases, people may need to deal with it faster.
For example, on iTunes Core i3 3, it takes 43 seconds to convert a song in iTunes. 06 GHz dual-
Core, and it takes 45 seconds in this model.
The graphics card is a mid-range model with reasonable performance.
The test went very well, which is good news for anyone interested in playing usingOS X.
Overall this computer is fun but the price is too high so it is not so exciting.
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