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NASA is sending a 3D printer and a fire starter to the ISS

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
When NASA creates with one hand, it destroys with the other.
The next supply ship to the international space station will carry advanced 3D printers and test the spread of fire in space today when it exploded from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
The uncrewedCygnus spacecraft launched next week is the fifth cargo delivery of the spacecraft company Orbital ATK, and the second delivery of the company\'s rocket after the launch of the 2014 explosion.
In addition to transporting food, water and other conventional supplies to the International Space Station, the spacecraft will also unload additive manufacturing facilities, an upgraded version of a 3D printer already in use on the space station.
\"The printer already above is basically a prototype, just to see if the process will be successful,\" said Brad colenberg of Space Manufacturing, the California company behind the printer.
\"The second printer will be able to print using a variety of materials, with a print volume of about eight times the print volume, and will be able to print faster at a higher resolution.
\"NASA will use printers to make objects in orbit, but manufacturing in space will also accept orders from other paying customers who want to enter the international space station.
Launching anything to the International Space Station is expensive and you have to wait for space on a spaceship like Cygnus, but plans for a 3D printer can be emailed-this is the closest we are to stealth
In the end, plans to make the entire satellite were made in space.
On the Swan seat, NASA\'s Spacecraft Fire Experiment was also launched.
Once the spacecraft reaches the International Space Station and is unloaded by astronauts, it will be filled with waste and sent back to Earth to burn in the atmosphere.
NASA researchers will fire within 1 m.
In the long box inside the spacecraft, observe its behavior.
It will be the biggest person
Creating a fire in space and understanding how the fire spreads will help NASAdesign\'s safety function mitigate the risk of a manned spacecraft fire.
Astronauts will also unload the determination of the composition of the meteor, a camera designed to observe the entry of the meteor into the Earth\'s atmosphere and analyze its chemical properties and formation
1. study the behavior of \"soil\" found on the moon and asteroids in weightlessness.
The latter discovery could be a long term for NASA.
It is planned to take off a boulder from an asteroid and bring it back to lunar orbit where humans will visit it.
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