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Prototype Model factory-Small error in processing large pieces

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-01- 04 16: 19

Some of the customers of the extension model are traders, and their customers are foreign, so the requirements for quality will be higher, especially in terms of accuracy, it is not comparable to the requirements of domestic customers. Mr. Zou saw the introduction of the prototype model production Factory website and contacted Miss Mo.

Miss Mo has learned that, mr. Zou's last supplier processed a one-meter sample and then processed it with a difference of 8 Silk. He simply couldn't take it, let alone send it abroad, and specially came to the Tuowei model to understand the situation, just in the near future, the extension model is also processing many large things. Just as he can see, the tolerance of the extension prototype model factory is normal tolerance.

The point that customers like extension dimension is that, the manual master will help assemble the internal parts together. Mr. Zou said that the prototype model factory they used to look for did not care after the samples were delivered. Mr. Zou's internal Assembly found that there was no tool, the extension dimension can be assembled together to ship the internal parts. It is really very good.

Mr. Zou came up with a single order, after the completion of the tuowei model, Mr. Zou was informed to bring the accessories to assemble, and work with the manual master. The Assembly was very fast. Directly at the prototype model factory, the freight forwarder was sent abroad. It was good to put in place one step, if you don't do it well, foreign customers will return it. The freight in the middle is also very expensive, and the extension model fundamentally solves the customer's problem.

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