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Bao 'an prototype factory to make your products stand out at the exhibition

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2018-11- 22 17: 38

some time ago, Mr. Li searched'Bao 'an prototype factory' Before finding the extension model, Mr. Li was looking for a small prototype factory to do it, but the prototype effect they made was not ideal, but he looked close to the exhibition, in order to stand out at the exhibition, he only found the extension model by looking for prototype suppliers online.

but due to the imminent arrival of the exhibition, therefore, Mr. Li is very interested in the delivery of the prototype and requires shipment in 3 days. This delivery period is difficult for many Baoan prototypes, but the extension model is a prototype company that dares to accept the challenge and agrees to this requirement. Mr. Li also signed the contract very readily and made an advance payment.

although the time is urgent, however, after 24 hours of processing and post-processing by all employees of the extension model, the prototype was sent to Mr. Li within 3 days, mr. Li, who saw the prototype, was very satisfied with the appearance of the prototype, basically reducing the design concept by 99%. Mr. Li used this prototype to achieve good results at the exhibition and said that he chose Baoan prototype factory--The extension model is a wise choice.

Bao 'an prototype factory-- Tuowei model has rich experience in prototype customization, and has 55 sets of high-precision processing equipment. At the same time, the introduction of American fuel injection technology can help you show your skill at the exhibition and become the focus of everyone's eyes.

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