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Do abs prototype, choose the manufacturer with large processing stroke, strong firmness

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2018-07- 04 08:50

because abs materials are cheap and easy to process, they are often used for prototype processing. When making abs prototypes, inevitably, those large prototypes will appear, especially those with a length of more than one metre, and most prototype factories will choose to disassemble them. Although this will have an advantage in price, it is still not as good as the whole processing in strength, so don't disassemble it when you have.

to process the large prototype whole, this requires the CNC equipment of the prototype factory to be processed large enough. In the past, if we let the extension model process the whole 1. The prototype of 5 m is difficult. However, since October 2016, we have introduced a number of new equipment, including a processing trip that can reach 2000, and have hired experienced operators, therefore, it is generally not a particularly complicated prototype, which can be processed in the whole process. The prototype made in this way is relatively firm. The following figure shows that the CNC machining equipment of the extension model is Gong a 1 m ABS prototype.

so when doing the abs prototype, you need to choose a manufacturer with a large processing schedule. The prototype made in this way is not only beautiful in appearance but also strong in firmness. If you have relevant prototype production needs, you can contact the online customer service on the right side of our webpage or call: 13510327550, we are at your service at any time!

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