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Foshan prototype factory-Higher compliance rate

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-08- 08 11: 38

It is very common for R & D companies to customize prototype models, and everyone also understands that the high-density prototype not only has better effect in use, but also has higher compliance rate for processed products, but it's hard to say if you can find an ideal Foshan prototype factory and customize it to a good quality prototype.

On April this year, mr. Wang from Zhejiang searched according to the Internet. Foshan prototype factory' I found the extension model and learned in the communication with Mr. Wang that Mr. Wang had also cooperated with several prototype model factories before, however, the prototype model produced and processed by the other party did not meet the requirements at the accuracy level, which caused many problems in Mr. Wang's product verification, resulting in delays in production progress, so Mr. Wang needs to find a more powerful prototype factory.

The prototype model factory with 18 years of processing experience in the extension dimension model, with multiple high-precision machining equipment and five-axis machining, the accuracy can reach ±0. 02mm, you can achieve unexpected accuracy.

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