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How to control the processing accuracy of prototype manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2018-11- 22 15: 20

prototype customers who have done prototype manufacturers should be familiar with the accuracy of the prototype, it is mainly to better show the advantages and disadvantages of the product in the form of physical touch, so that customers can better find out the shortcomings and improve them, some customers who make metal parts make prototypes for mold opening, so the requirements for accuracy will be higher. Then how should the prototype factory grasp the accuracy of the prototype processing.

and most customers should also know that the prototype manufacturer is doing the prototype of metal material is usually done by CNC machining, in the process of CNC machining, the main factors that will affect the accuracy of the prototype are the processing equipment, the operator and the programming master, as long as there is a problem in these three factors, it will affect the accuracy and quality of the prototype.

prototype manufacturers will encounter this situation in production, the processing accuracy of this process is stable and the process capacity is sufficient, but the precision of semi-finished products processed by blank or previous processes is too low, resulting in low processing accuracy. At this time, the average original error method can be used, and then the relative position of the tool and the workpiece can be adjusted according to the average size of each group, which can greatly reduce the size dispersion range of the whole batch of workpieces. Through this method, can improve the accuracy of prototype processing.

so we still have to find strength when looking for a prototype manufacturer, the extension model has been focused on prototype production for 17 years and is processed with a 5-axis machine, with an accuracy of up to 0. 01mm, can greatly improve the accuracy of the prototype processing, so as to better verify the new product.

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