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How to do prototype business well

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-07- 18 12: 05

as a foreign trade newcomer, the company does prototype business, SLA rapid prototyping, CNC machining, batch copying, parts processing, etc, although there are many customers, the turnover rate is not ideal. But one thing these days has completely changed my mind.

these days, customers who have been placing orders for a long time have not placed orders, after searching for the address, the customer just had an office in the same city, so he called about the time to visit the door. The heavy rain could not stop the agreed time. The interest rushed over and the boss of the office was not there, so I only talked to the project personnel in charge of the following for 2 hours. After the chat, I vaguely guessed that the customer has now replaced other suppliers and another hard bone, I remind myself not to give up, add his private WeChat, and interact occasionally at ordinary times.

so there is subsequent project quotation, the company has no advantage, and the strong and Twisted Melon is not sweet, but it does not have to give up. It replied to the customer that other projects in the future hope to continue to give the opportunity to quote, and several projects have not yet been sold.

then there is a batch quotation this week, and I feel that I have received a similar project before, therefore, I talked deeply with the customer, fully understood the scale and approximate price of the competitor, and finally the customer said that the price was submitted to the customer, and then continued to track, finally, today, the customer promised to try water with a small amount of samples.

all customers should not give up after this case is indicated, even if some projects or even most of them are not sold, they still have to interact with customers. I believe that customers will be moved by you one day. Only in this way can prototype business be done well.

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