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Prototype model manufacturer-Delivery speed exceeded expectations

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-07- 27 11: 03

Mr. Liu from Wuhan contacted the prototype model manufacturer, mainly because he once saw the exhibits presented by a company at the exhibition very beautiful, I asked the exhibitor which prototype factory was looking for. The exhibitor told him that it was done by the extension model, so he later searched the network. 'Extension model' I found the relevant business Huang Gong and communicated with him.

after Mr. Liu sent a drawing to quote, what he needs to do is a prototype of the car wheel hub, which requires the prototype model manufacturer to process at the same time with 3D printing and CNC. Huang Gong, the extension model business, suggested that he use CNC to process it better, because the hardness of the prototype processed in this way is high; The prototype printed in 3d is relatively brittle. Since their company wants to try out the hardness of the prototypes made by these two processing methods, he has made prototypes with these two processing methods.

The delivery date of the prototype model manufacturer exceeds the customer's expectations, at first, they thought that it would take a long time for the two processing methods, and the result was finished in 3 days. They told him that the print could be shipped. The customer said that he was very surprised, it is much faster than they expected, and they have said that it is correct to choose the extension prototype proofing manufacturer.

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