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by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
Researchers at the University of Ontario used 3D
Replace most of the dog\'s cancer with printing technology
They say the new operation marks a major step forward for veterinarians.
Michelle Oblak, a veterinary oncologist at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, said that she considered this procedure to be the first such procedure in North America and a substantial leap forward in another known case.
\"We hope this is something that can be obtained more widely,\" Oblak said . \".
\"Everything went well.
Patch 9year-
Her owner said that the old dachshund in the surgery center had an orange-sized brain tumor that grew on her skull and would be fatal if not treated.
\"We call her our little unicorn because she has this lump on her head, but it will kill her,\" said Danielle damaker from Pa Willamsport.
\"What they did for my girl was great.
\"Dymeck said the patch on her head began to grow significantly a few months ago.
Her vet introduced her to Cornell University, known for its veterinary program, where a vet contacted Oblak.
Guelph researchers have been studying the use of 3D
Printing technology
Also known as rapid prototyping technologyfor dogs.
Previously, Oblak said that for dogs like patches, the tumor and part of the skull will be removed during the operation, and then, when the animal is still below, the surgeon will install the titanium mesh in place.
It\'s an inaccurate, expensive and long procedure, she says.
new program in which a 3D printer creates a custom program
Oblak says it\'s much better to make a titanium skull cap for dogs.
The researchers say the patch is the perfect candidate.
The dog needs to remove and replace her approximately skull.
Veterinary medicine in the United StatesK.
I had a similar operation, but it was much smaller, Oblak said.
The owner of Patch said it was difficult for her to decide whether to make her pet the center of the study, but eventually continued.
\"They felt she could recover from this,\" said Dymeck . \".
\"Being part of Cancer Research is a big deal for me --
If they can learn something from animals to help humans, it is important.
Oblak said: \"The new method started with a CT scan, which scans images of the patch\'s head and tumor.
Oblak and her team used several different software programs on this image to remove tumors and diseases digitally
There\'s a lot on this dog\'s skull.
Then they drew a 3D map.
The printed replacement will fit and what it looks like, including the hole position where the screws hold it in place.
These digital plans were then sent to the medical facility, ADEISS.
Advanced 3D printing company in Ont, London.
, It made a custom titanium skull cap for the patch.
Oblak must also create a \"cutting guide\" during the operation \".
\"The space for error is small,\" she said . \".
\"We said less than 2mm, otherwise the plate would not be suitable.
\"The whole process consists of several veterinarians, software engineers and an industrial engineer, but things are moving fast,\" Oblak said.
It takes two hours to make a plan and send it to the printer, and within two weeks the titanium skull cap is ready, Oblak said.
Then, it took four hours for a repair operation to take place on March 23.
Oblak said that within 30 minutes of waking up, the dog was walking outside to rest, and he hoped to release details of the operation in the coming months.
This program is almost perfect for the owner of the patch.
\"Her head looks great except for her crooked ears,\" Dymeck said after talking about her petoperation look.
Cancer now-free.
However, in another incident a week after surgery, the patch suffered a severe disc slide on her back, and her hind legs are now paralyzed.
But Demick says her dog is in good spirits.
\"She has a wheelchair that she refuses to use, so she is sitting at 2 feet, but she is fast,\" Dymeck said . \".
\"I feel lucky as her host, she is still the owner of the house.
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