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Zhejiang prototype factory-Not necessarily expensive is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-02- 18 15: 04

some time ago, a Miss Wang found the extension model company through the introduction of a friend. Huang Gong, the relevant salesman, entertained her. After some communication, she learned that she had originally found a Zhejiang prototype factory, but the result was different from what she expected: not only the processing cost of the prototype was high, and the accuracy is not as good as she wants.

since the prototype is used for new product validation, the precision required is high, but the Zhejiang prototype factory obviously does not meet her requirements. During her troubles, her friend told her that Shenzhen tuowei model is a very good prototype factory. It has not only been a prototype for 17 years, but also has a very good reputation on the Internet, she should be able to meet her requirements, and then Miss Wang found the model.

subsequently, Huang Gong introduced the extension model to Miss Wang in detail, and said that the five-axis machine here is more accurate than the average Zhejiang prototype factory, and the cost is reasonable. Then Huang Gong signed a non-disclosure agreement with Miss Wang, and Miss Wang soon sent the relevant drawings. After discussing with engineers, Huang Gong began to customize the processing plan. After that, Miss Wang was very happy to make a budget first.

after receiving the advance payment, the yellow worker began to arrange the order, it took almost a week. After working overtime, after taking photos to confirm the correctness of the customer, the customer packed and sent them to the customer. After the customer received the goods, very happy to say that what our prototype factory has made is really good, she is very satisfied and hopes to cooperate next time. Therefore, the production of Zhejiang prototype factory is indeed good, but things are not expensive or good, and it is good to think about problems from the perspective of customers.

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