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Does the prototype factory provide 3d service design?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2017-10- 30 16: 09

every day, the extension model will receive many inquiries from new customers. At first, customers will ask if you can make a prototype? Can CNC machining be done? Can the ABS material be done? After a lot of twists and turns, wait until the official quotation requires the customer to provide 3d drawings. As a result, most people provide it. picture in jpg format, or a 2-dimensional drawing paper in PDF, or. 2-dimensional drawing files in dwg format. This is sometimes a headache for us.

some experienced business managers may be able to quote based on these things, but 3d drawings must be used in actual processing. When programming, you need to input the corresponding data into the program. The picture alone cannot read the information, and the data read by the 2d drawing is not comprehensive. We can assist customers when they encounter drawing problems, but tuowei does not provide design services for 3D drawings and is only responsible for processing. This is more conducive to our focus on processing services, and can quickly complete the prototype production of customers. Therefore, please also provide us with 3D drawing files: GS, stp, step, X-T, stl format.

some customers have also designed their own drawing files, I will ask if my side is painted by rhino software, or my side is painted by 3DMax software. Can you help convert your source files? I'm sorry to say that I still trouble you to move a little more and transform it into the format we need to give it to us. This will save unnecessary time and greatly improve work efficiency.

so the general prototype factory will not provide 3d service design, mainly to focus on prototyping, if you don't have 3d drawings, need to find the corresponding design company to make drawings.

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